Totally Bon Candles

  • Candle – sandalwood vanilla

    a soft floral candle with smooth woody notes..

    including warm amber, orchid, jasmine and creamy vanilla to lead you down a delicious path.

    Sold By: Kouwi.com
  • Candle – sandalwood

    a rich, woody blend of australian sandalwood to delight the senses and your maison.

    Sold By: Kouwi.com
  • Candle – peony + rose

    this beauty is both luxurious + sensual…

    notes of floral peony, rose and jasmine with a hint of fuji apple, honeydew, white musk and amber.

    Sold By: Kouwi.com
  • Candle – oud

    this voyager has arrived at the destination and is feeling opulent!

    a warm and woody scent with deep, rich aromas and just a little spice. blended with leather, elemi and bergamot this one is both mysterious and masculine.

    Sold By: Kouwi.com
  • Candle – lemongrass + lime

    this one’s a winner with the unmistakable natural, fresh citrus scent of lemongrass.

    combined here with zesty lime and a soft floral undertone.

    Sold By: Kouwi.com
  • Candle – fresh fig

    the luscious beauty heads straight to the fig tree.

    who doesn’t love figs, especially when it’s highlighted by sparkling cassis and leafy green notes? just a hint of jasmine and cyclamen completes the journey.

    Sold By: Kouwi.com
  • Candle – french pear

    your maison will be filled with a rich, juicy + smooth pear fragrance.

    Sold By: Kouwi.com
  • Candle – cucumber + basil

    refreshing + clean, this one will invigorate…

    a blend of fresh green cucumber and herbal basil are complimented with hints of grapefruit, coriander and melon.

    Sold By: Kouwi.com
  • Candle – coffee + chocolate

    for the maison that loves the smell of dark, roasted coffee beans

    add a touch of chocolate and voila!

    Sold By: Kouwi.com
  • Candle – amber + lavender

    Who loves a rustic amber and french lavender maison?

    if so, this one is for you. with added notes of tonka bean, vanilla and clary sage.

    Sold By: Kouwi.com
  • Candle – A trip to the med

    Cruise the Mediterranean with this voyager…

    enjoy it’s fresh lemon and ocean breeze allure. combined with lavender, cyclamen and driftwood this voyager will take you wherever you wish to go.

    Sold By: Kouwi.com

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