Detox Natural Remedies – Korganika – Zetox


This heavy metal/ toxin removal spray is highly effective because of its main ingredient which is Zeolite Clinoptilolite.

it is not unusual that as Zetox removes unwanted and unwelcome contaminants from your body, that you will pass parasites!

When these heavy metals are taken out of your body, you will find that you have little to no allergies, your mind is clearer, childrens motor skills are improved, your libido is higher, better sense of smell, taste, vision, clearer skin, rashes and warts disappear, moles also fall off, thicker hair, and no more period pain!

Some of the Zetox scientifcally proven benefits include:


Gut healing

Reduces Alzheimer episodes

Clears gastrointestinal tract

Improves state of wellbeing