7 Reasons Why I Created KOUWI.COM

Hey There,

Steve here the Founder and creator of KOUWI.COM your destination to Champion Local Brands and Shop our selection of carefully curated Fashion, Home, Health, Beauty, Kids, Baby and Gifts for the whole family. I thought I’d take a minute to give you my top 7 Reasons for building KOUWI.com and give you a little more insight into our growing Kommunity of local businesses and international products so here it is…..

  1. I was introduced to the wonderful world of E-com when I joined Souq.com the largest online retailer in the Middle East (Now Amazon)  as their Head of Talent. During my time with Souq I was fascinated by the incredible people and growth that was built by it’s founder, visionary and absolute legend Ronaldo Mouchawar who I am very fond of and would love to say inspired me to dig deep and learn more about this fast paced industry.
  2. I am obsessed with local markets, participating in too many to count where I sell my own products “Rebel Living” across the UAE and Melbourne Australia. This is where my absolute love for local comes from having met amazing small business owners, creators and makers along their journey.
  3. Kommunity is important! – Building a network of local brands has It’s up’s and downs but the greatest thing I love is that everyone knows each others struggles, Learns from one another encourage each other, and celebrate together no matter how big or small the achievement.
  4. Because everyone needs a destination to shop a carefully curated selection of beautiful fashion, home, beauty and gifts and I like to think I have a keen eye for quality Aussie Brands who are paving the way and for beautiful international products too.
  5. I lived a broad for 11 years and in that time was spoilt for choice with the number of marketplaces I could go to shop with convenience. Have found since moving back to Australia that if I want to find a gift, or something for myself or and Xmas present I’d have to go through a number of the largest ecoms or auction sites to try and find something truly unique, so why not have everything I love under one roof without all the noise.
  6. “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Being a creator I have always built things, from my small brand, to an app and now a marketplace. it doesn’t feel like work it’s a passion!
  7. And finally the 7th reason why I started Kouwi.com is simple “You Only Live Once” So make your life meaningful, take a chance and find joy in doing what you love! I can’t imagine doing anything else.

If your interested in joining our Kommunity of 91 + Local Brands and featuring your products amongst our catalogue of 6000 unique items get in touch today at info@kouwi.com

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