1. What is Kouwi.com?

Kouwi.com is a leading Australian Business to Consumer e-commerce site. It is an online retail platform that enables local Makers and Merchants from across Australia to sell their products to Kouwi.com customer base.

2. Do I have to pay anything to register as a Seller?

We are an online marketplace where products are provided by multiple third parties (Australian Makers). All Customer transactions are processed by Kouwi.com and then delivered and fulfilled by our Makers themselves. Makers are notified via email when they receive an order and can view all transactions through their personal dashboard where you will manage your stock uploads. Kouwi.com takes a small 9% commission on the total sale price including postage only.

3. Do I need to sign up before buying any Offer/Product?

No, you can purchase products from Kouwi.com through our guest check out service, but to stay up to date with all things Kouwi we recommend signing up to our mailing list.

4. How do I create an Kouwi.com account?

Whether your looking to sell, or Buy on Kouwi.com visit our registration page to get started at : https://kouwi.co/my-account/

5. What type of products do you sell online?

Kouwi.com is open to Australian Makers & Merchants who locally source or produce their products, providing a platform that promotes Australian, handmade, Arts, Design and Craftsmanship. If you are a creator of Clothing, Jewellery, Accessories, Pet products, Home Decor and Natural Health and Beauty product.

6. Am I billed as soon as I join Kouwi.com?

No, You'll be billed at checkout once you've found that awesome Australian made product and made a purchase. For vendors there is no registration fee. Kouwi.com takes a small commission on sale of your product. for more information on commissions visit your dashboard.

7. What are the Shipping costs!

All Items purchased are shipped by the Vendor. we use Australia POst to ship all items, charging a standard shipping cost of $9.20 AUD. International purchase rates may change, please check your cart and complete all fields to find out the shipping cost for your country.

8. Is my info safe?

Personal Information is information that can be used to identify, locate, or contact an individual. It also includes other information that may be associated with Personal Information. We collect the following types of Personal Information: Contact Information that allows us to communicate with you, such as your name, postal addresses, email addresses, social media website user account names, telephone numbers, or other addresses at which you receive communications from or on behalf of Kouwi.com Transaction Information about how you purchase and redeem Financial Account Information as needed to process payments for Kouwi.com that you buy, such as your credit or debit card number, expiration date.

9. Why Sell on Kouwi.com

We support Australian local businesses and Australian made products, Our site is open to all now with close to 200 products and Australian makers already registered.

10. Why is my card payment failing?

There could be a number of reasons why the payment was declined. We may be experiencing issues, You may have set a lock on your card with Lock & block, Your Card number, CVC or expiry date may have been entered incorrectly. Check that you’re entering the right card details and try the transaction again.

11. How Much will I pay to sell on Kouwi.com

As a registered seller you will pay a small 9% commission on sale of your item including Postage and handling. All commissions on sale go back into keeping our site open to local Aussie Businesses.

12. I want to make a payment withdrawal for products sold?

Payment withdrawals are available on the 1st of every month. To request a withdrawal, please make sure you have entered your correct Bank details through your vendor dashboard. Head over to Payments and request payment. Your funds will be released to you with 5 business days.

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