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Creating a bold destination to inspire and ignite your senses!

Growing up I was always painting, designing, cushions, prints and styling and re-styling my bedroom. These were a few of my absolute passions and I was raised with such an appreciation for the arts by mentors and fellow creatives admiring the likes of Picasso, Salvador Dahli, Vali Myers, Frida Kahlo and architecture by Gaudi and of course the ever-incredible Zaha Hadid.

I took that passion to over 65 countries, living abroad for 11 years, learning from different cultures, art, fashion, beauty, and style from all over, often living on the edge at times. but it was worth it.  Moving back to Australia in 2018 I craved a sense of belonging and found myself opening a store filled with eclectic Fashion, Home Decor and Health & Beauty in the heart of Melbourne’s west.

Realising I could do more….

In 2020 I founded Kouwi.com with some change in the bank and a dream to create a bold destination to inspire and ignite your senses, filled with as many wonderfully unique items as I could find from local independent brands and beyond! A place to connect with fellow creatives, a place to find affordable fashion, a place to explore your creativity through home decor, a place for self-care and wellness through natural vegan friendly Health & Beauty and a place to call home.

I’m so glad you found us! Today Kouwi (pronounced “COOWEEE”) is a growing marketplace with exciting local brands and international partners, driven by our mission to create bold moments! And that gets us excited!! Our journeys are simple, live long, do things that make your heart sing, and feel fabulous from the inside and out and we hope you feel that when you browse our collection.

(Like to join us? Get in touch at info@kouwi.com)



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