Natural Remedies – Korganika – Onyx Drops


What do Onyx Drops have to do with our health?

The short answer: EVERYTHING!!

Every living human, plant and animal need minerals to function properly & Onyx Drops is packed with over 70 of them! Over the last 20-30 years, soil quality & the minerals in our soil has significantly reduced, which has caused mineral deficiency in humans. Deficiency of minerals can cause significant symptoms in our bodies. For example, a lack of Zinc can cause skin or immune issues. A lack of Selenium can affect heart, function or fertility. Magnesium deficiency can cause constipation, anxiety, depression & sleep problems. The sad part is, many of us are deficient in more than one mineral.

As there are so many inorganic minerals on the market that do not last in the body for more than a few hours, we have sourced organic minerals from New Mexico (which are the best in the world) to bring you our perfectly potent Onyx Drops!

Onyx Drops contain master minerals Humic & Fulvic Acid. Humic acid does it’s work outside the cell by preventing viruses & toxins from attaching, fighting malignant cell growth, reducing inflammation & reversing many serious conditions by activating physiological triggers in the body that regulate disease. It comes from ancient living fruit/veg like seaweed & works rapidly to replenish nutrient levels.

Fulvic acid does it’s work inside the cell, making the cell membranes more permeable & carrying nutrients into the cells. It binds to water & helps support the bodies natural detoxification process.