Zoey & Zara The All-Nighter Collection Lip Balm


It’s a right of passage, and we’ve got you covered for the occasion. Here’s our recommended application sequence;


  • 7pm Dinner – Strawberry Margarita (UV Glow) – That flirty pink tint with cranberry shimmer is the perfect fun start to the evening.
  • 9pm Cocktail Bar – Raspberry Daiquiri (UV Glow) – As the lights get low you can ramp it up with a darker, sultry, berry tint.
  • 11pm Club – Blackberry Sangria (UV Glow) – Bring on that sparkle and UV berry glow, Blackberry Sangria is your perfect clubbing companion.
  • 3am Bathroom – Peach Bellini (UV Glow) – Only the stayers make it this far, and you’re keeping yourself feeling peachy with our universally flattering coral tint.
  • 6am Taxi – Apple Cider – Your glittering in the sunrise with that golden tint, and the taste of crisp green apples lingers on your lips. All that glitters IS gold, you’re a star!
  • * Four of these balms glow under UV light. (Please note they do not glow in the dark without UV light.) All balms are individually boxed.
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